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Record Store Day
March 15, 2012, 2:29 pm
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We just saw a recent list of exclusive Record Store Day product being issued on 4/21/2012, and all of the sudden our Solid Bronze comp we started feeling like it was sending a message that Numero was just half-assing this whole thing. To remedy the situation we had a five hour power meeting late last night and came up with a list of 14 titles we’re going to rush into production to fill the obvious customer demand. Look for the following in stores on Record Store Day, and don’t forget to thank Michael Kurtz for helping us raise the bar.

Syl Johnson – The Unedited Interviews, Volume 1 {6LP marbled-vinyl picture disc boxset, housed in a custom slipcase, plus 496-page “libretto”} [Packaged with a hand-numbered vellum pamphlet replicating the complete #shitmysylsays tweets]

Johnny Lunchbreak – The Break Goes On {Reunion tour 3LP set} [4000 pressed in steam-colored 150-gram vinyl, 1000 on sky-colored 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a 200-gram vinyl lunchpail]

Shirley Ann Lee – The 4hero Remixes {Double 10″} [1000 on marbled vinyl, 1000 on shredded swiss cheese vacuum-pressed into LP, playable only once (perishable, keep refrigerated)]

George Lopez – George Lopez Delivers A Somber Meditation on Lowrider Soul Oldies {LP + mp3 CD-R} [Limited to 1,976 copies.]

Various Artists – Rinked: The Skips & Scratches Compilation {7″} [A bracing cacophony of harsh pops and clicks pulled from vintage records and unique acetates used as original Numero source material, presented as two side-long tracks. Hear five decades worth of damage! Every 7” pressed with a one-of-a-kind inclusion of crumbled acetate pressed into the vinyl!]

Syl Johnson versus Branford Marsalis versus Flaming Lips {2LPs on white chocolate vinyl with a graham cracker crust} [Three legendary performers/creators collaborate on, cover, and remix each other’s material; packaged in a confetti-stuffed and fake-blood-soaked Megadeth t-shirt. Limited to 50,000 copies]

Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, Special Edition {2LP} [8th Anniversary limited edition: Exactly the same release Numero fans have come to know and love, pressed on white vinyl and then hand-blacked out with Sharpies by Numero interns. Limited to 10,000 copies]

Eccentric Breaks & Beats: Chopped & Screwed Edition {LP} [We’ve taken a limited number of deadstock copies and added a FULL COLOR printed sticker that implores the listener to pitch the record way down.]

Numerophon’s Impressions Series: Nilsson(?) Sings Numero {2LP, hand-cut lacquers, candy cane vinyl} [Yes, Harry Nilsson’s been dead for some time now….But it’s a little known fact that Cheap Trick axeman Rick Nielsen does a mean Nilsson impression. Here, he warbles through 20 of your favorite Numero selections with that distinctive Nilsson charm. Limited to 20,000 copies]

Quentin Tarantino Presents: Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation {4LP, extra virgin blacksploited vinyl} [Replicates the original Twinight’s Lunar Rotation in exacting detail, but with Tarantino’s name egregiously displayed across the top….and the liner notes rewritten as a banal conversation about The Jackson 5, held over a lunch consisting of Chicago-style deep dish pizza and shots of Jeppson’s Malört. Limited to 2000 copies]

Eccentric Soul: The 10” Series [All 28 of our Eccentric Soul 45s recut on this noticeably bigger and more unnecessary format.]

Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands, Toxic Petrochemicals Edition {3LPs} [All three picture discs feature a horrifying image of a Golden Triangle oil rig fire, shot by an East Texas townie. Guest preface by Werner Herzog. Our original compilation is resequenced and pressed into 240 grams of virgin PVC sourced from condemned Gulf Coast/Piney Woods oil derricks. *Not a limited pressing]

Syl Johnson: Complete Lithography Etched Vinyl Boxset [No music for Kanye West to “borrow,” just 20 unique, limited edition scenes from Syl Johnson’s history of litigation, etched by Alaskan scrimshaw pioneer Archie James Cavanaugh, packaged in a gorgeous attache case fit for any court room!]

I Got’Cha!: The Office Confrontations, Volume 1 {2LPs pressed into blood red vinyl} [The first in a vast, multi-volume series of field recordings captured for posterity inside the Numero office, a rented van, or a midwest Chili’s franchise. Volume 1 features four entire LP sides brimming with bitterly contested and scintillating arguments concerning the punctuation of possessive nouns in Numero liner notes! Limited to 1500 copies.]


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It’s incredible the amount of future garbage that get manufactured for that day.

What about putting good music on a single black lp.

Comment by Lg

Fantastic. Send me the whole lot! I need it to prove my status as a hip collector!

Comment by Jessi Hance

I’ve been seeing this on RSD lists… real or no?

“From the Vaults of Rick and Ron Records 58-62 (10×7″ box, 1000 copies) Numero Group”

Comment by Kev

It’s real, but not actually released by us.

Comment by Rob Sevier

It’s sad to note that the total number of arguments that have taken place concerning the punctuation of possessive nouns would have to be abridged drastically to come close to fitting on 2 LPs.

Comment by Rob Sevier


Comment by krisholmes1

Quadruple-decker record = GRAMMY

Comment by William

I’m glad that I could inspire someone.

Support your local record store!

– Michael Kurtz

Comment by Michael Kurtz


Comment by X

Are these part of the Numero 2012 Subscription?

Comment by princeasbo

Well played.

Comment by Zee

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