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WTNG: Solid Bronze (And Blue and Pink and Black)
April 16, 2012, 10:27 am
Filed under: Record Store Day, WTNG

Record Store Day is less than a week away, and boxes full of Numero items are flying across the planet by land, air, and sea. Several shops and distributors are making serious grabs for our limited edition Record Store Day item du jour, WTNG: Solid Bronze. Our tribute to the radio station compilations of yore features 11 unique tunes about taking it easy, love crashing around people, magic lamps, and golden ponies. One song even features “Mike McDonald” on keyboards, lending it serious yacht credibility. Shuffled into many (but not all) orders are translucent blue vinyl and opaque pink vinyl (about 300 of each). When you divide this by the number of stores and subscribers we’re satisfying, there’s no telling which version anyone will get, and there is no outward indication what type of vinyl awaits inside. The pink could be described as Barbie Corvette and the blue could be compared to the Great Lake that graces the album’s facade. But it’s not the color of the grooves that matters, it’s what’s inside. Even those who get block-out-the-sun black will still be listening to one remarkable album clear on through to Labor Day and beyond. Check out the variations below, and the dust-jacket collage that accompanies.

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Just got the CD via subscription recently, and been enjoying it way more than I thought it would, even without the joys of pastel vinyl. Try it, you’ll like it!

Comment by Jessi Hance

Sweet Air Jordan jacket.

Comment by AK

I went out and bought a yacht after hearing this. I was sailing up and down the river spinning this joint and now I’m sailing with all kinds of trashy ladies who dig the vibe of WTNG. I’m like a round-eyed Tommy Vu. More please.

Comment by Jocko Q. Nelson

Got the black vinyl, but wondering if there’s any way to get a download code. Do I have to befriend someone with the CD in order to get it digitally?

Comment by yasdnilmac

Befriend someone with the CD or steal it.

Comment by numerogroup

Bought the black vinyl, but do I have to befriend someone with the CD to get it digitally? Wish it came with a download code…

Comment by yasdnilmac

I got an STD from it but that’s life.

Comment by Chris Hadrick (@lesterhalfjr)

Cant find the CD.. Is it on the store?

Comment by Russ

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