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Record Store Day: The Lovers and Haters
April 20, 2012, 9:22 am
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On Wednesday night, The Reader‘s Peter Margasak published a limp rebuke of our pop up store.  As Margasak had framed his queries in the soft tones of gutless gotcha journalism (Quotes from the original email: “I know you guys are pretty ambivalent about RSD, as am I.” and “I’m writing a little thing for the Reader about Numero’s pop-up store and other activities.”), we can only shake our heads and chuckle.

Patrick from Carrot Top/Saki has posted his lengthy and reasoned response as well (We’re referred to as Ninjas, a first). The comments present a variety of sides and are well worth the scroll-down. It was followed by a clarifying post. It’s cool to see indie music get all up in arms for a good debate, just like the old days of Maximum Rock & Roll columnists blowing feet of column space on who is ruining the scene, man.

Us? We’re too busy setting up an awesome record store to worry about the haters.

Meanwhile on the positive side of the board, NPR has called WTNG 89.9 Solid Bronze one of the top 13 records to look out for on Record Store Day. We agree.

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I read the Reader article and thought “what a bunch of whiners”
Numero puts up a shop that offers better music and prices than any other shop in the city. To me, the pop up shop is really no different than the once a month record cons that happen in the burbs and you never hear anyone cry about them !. So Jazz Record Mart (the only shop to use their name) and the anonymous shops (who didn’t have the balls to use their name) get over it !

Comment by jimmy

As someone who has attended both pop-up stores set up by Numero, I have a suggestion: Don’t don’t it at a bar again! In some places, the lighting made it difficult to really check out some of the vinyl for wear and warps!

Comment by Dennis Patrick

Most of my friends (myself included) went to the Pop-up Shop to get Numero LP’s and then went elsewhere to get the other stuff…

As for Jazz Record Mart, that’s a can of worms…

Comment by Marc Bonadies

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