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24 Carat Black – Class of ’74
May 11, 2012, 10:39 am
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When 24 Carat Black’s first album debuted in 1973, the band had splintered into two separate groups. Originally formed wholesale from Cincinnati’s Ditalians, the majority of the young group had become disillusioned with their patriarchal leader Dale Warren and returned home, picking up their own fanbase but keeping the name to capitalize on the recent Stax release. The few folks that stuck around became the core of a new band, made out of Chicago musicians connected through a loose network. Although this band toured for at least a year together, their was never a formal publicity shot captured of this second incarnation of 24 Carat Black. Unearthed after almost 40 years is the only photo ever seen in modern times of the 24 Carat Black group responsible for Gone The Promises of Yesterday. We need to thank legendary disc jockey Al Luv AKA Al Jenkins for sharing it with us (note that it’s personalized to him).

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That Stax-branded satchel looks realyl damn cool.

Comment by William

…so cool that I can’t spell the word “really,” apparently.

Comment by William

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