Numero Group: By The Numbers

“Todo Los Hombres Que Le Gustan Gozar”
May 15, 2012, 1:36 pm
Filed under: Los Nombres

Even if we turned the entire state of Ohio upside down and shook it until even NBA Championship rings were jostled loose, there are records, photos, and related ephemera that would still somehow manage to get pinned behind the dressers and couches of the Buckeye State. Sean Marquez, son of Los Nombres frontman Willie Marquez, has been quite active in combing his family’s photo albums, keepsakes boxes, and garages for further evidence of his father’s Latin soul combo. The photo below is undated, but is most likely from the late ’70s. We know from the curious sheet of shingles behind the group that this was taken at the Puerto Rican Home of Lorain, where not one, but two, archival photos from Los Nombres originated. Most shocking is that the backdrop is not a load-bearing wall as we’d assumed, but some type of movable set, handy should Lorain bands of Puerto Rican descent need a photogenic backdrop. Thanks again to this Marquez family for sharing this photo with us, and we will continue to post images of note as they come to light.

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