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Numero 2012 LP Subscription Part 2
June 5, 2012, 7:47 am
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Attention, sonically adventurous LP subscribers! Put that Pisces record aside, tuck Belize City Boil Up back in its sleeve and try to live without Johnny Lunchbreak for a moment; the second half of the Numero LP Subscription is about to take up camp in your earhole and we are genre-rich this time around. This isn’t just something for everyone, it’s something for you. That’s right, we know who you are. As the series unfolds, you’ll be looking for five new ways to say, “holy shit.” And that’s without having to remind you you get 15% off catalog in any format.

Enough already, this is happening soon to a turntable near you:

NUM004 Buttons: Starter Kit 2LP

Our entry-level power pop compilation features 22 songs from the original, long out-of-print Numero 004, plus two bonus cuts, new liners, 22 separate sleeve repros with rare photos and ephemera tucked into a 7″ vinyl bag and housed in a spot varnished, thick-as-a-brick gatefold sleeve.

NUM044 Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago 2LP

A sugar-coated tribute to the state Numero calls home, From Champaign To Chicago is a 19-track survey of Illinois’ cheapest tricks, beginning in 1973 with Peoria outliers the Jets and ending in 1987 with Romeoville’s Julian Leal and his Dick Clark-approved “Get Away.” From Champaign to Chicago connects the various micro power-pop scenes that once pockmarked the now wrinkled face of the Land of Lincoln.

NUM046 Cult Cargo: La Gigantona LP

The son of a prominent Nicaraguan politician, Alfonso Noel Lovo was a choice target for the Sandinista rebels who hijacked his homeward flight from Miami in December of 1971, ultimately putting several rounds through the talented musician’s torso and hand. After several years, and as many surgeries, he would break new ground on this psychedelic swirl of Latin jazz and pan-American funk with his musical partner, percussionist Jose “Chepito” Areas of Santana fame. Long unavailable, La Gigantona has lived its forty years lost in the grooves of a single acetate. Imagine a Nicaraguan take on Herbie Hancock’s Afro-jazz masterpiece Mwandishi with some of the most penetrating, left-field guitar you’ve never heard.

NUM003 Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label 3LP

Our post-nascent number two in the Eccentric Soul series, Bandit gets epic as we further dissect the improbable world of Chicago’s Arrow Brown and his near-cult of musicians, singers, pimps, prostitutes and would-be child stars. Since its original issue nearly 8 years ago, we’ve unearthed more story, more photographs and yes, more music. An extra lp’s worth of music, in fact, accompanied by a 12″ by 12″ 40 page bound book containing a 20,000 word essay and dozens of unseen photographs and ephemera. A final, definitive edition of one of Chicago’s most eccentric soul producers.

Medusa S/T LP

While it teetered from the cliff of Sabbath to the canyon of prog, Medusa’s self-titled debut LP never saw the inside of a record bin. Regulars on Chicago’s ’75 to ’78 rock club scene, this multi-gendered, semi-coven brought their dark vision on weeknights to dirt-bag pleasure palaces like Tuts and The Hanger. Housed in a black velour LP jacket with the truly amazing Medusa logo embossed in red and gold, Medusa finally gets a proper debut, bringing back acid-tinged, classic-rock riffs to Numero fans in search of blood.

Tease yourself by listening to the below:

If there is $120 in your bank account, you can sign up here.

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Hmmm, from everything posted previously, going back to the original blog post on November 16, 2011, I was under the impression that NUM-004 and NUM-044 were included with Part 1. “14 LP’s Total, $150.”

Comment by Jay

The subscription is hardly science. We do our best to line up the next six months of records, but some projects take longer than anticipated. When we announced our Record Store Day titles, a flood of emails arrived asking if it would be part of the subscription. In order to satiate that demand, we pushed WTNG onto the sub slate, and rather than break up the two Buttons LPs, we offered the supremely awesome Personal Space album. We heard no complaints, and for many, PS was an unexpectedly cool surprise.

WE can say with 99% certainty that the next five titles in the sub line will be fulfilled as planned, likely before Thanksgiving. Our goal is to release a record when it’s ready, not because we’ve put it on a schedule. This separates us from a great many record companies, and we think our product speaks volumes as a result.

Comment by numerogroup

That kinda sucks. The two I was most looking forward to replaced by the two I have no interest in.

Comment by Dave

“and yes there will be discount on the 2nd part 2012 vinyl subscription for customers who pick up both”

So how’s that work?

Comment by Todd

hey guys,
will the Medusa S/T be available to non-subscribers? I subscribed last year, but I’m too tight on cash to subscribe right now…the record sounds amazing.
excellent job as always!

Comment by Pete

Medusa will available at retail in early November.

Comment by numerogroup

thank you!

Comment by Pete

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