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Antena on Cassette!
June 8, 2012, 12:41 pm
Filed under: Antena

Although we may be known primarily for our extreme love of the vinyl format, there are a few of us here at the office that fondly remember cassettes (perhaps most prominently Dustin Drase, who, in addition to his duties at Numero, also runs the cassette-only label Plustapes). Up until now, there were only two cassettes in the Numero catalog, the first being the limited-to-100-copies Brotherman, which served mostly as a promotional teaser.  The second tape in the Numero canon was 2011’s Dubbed at Boddie, a compilation which made perfect sense for the format, considering that one among Thomas Boddie’s offerings at Boddie Recording Company of Cleveland, Ohio, was in fact the cloning of cassettes.

One day, while listening to our release of Antena’s Camino Del Sol, someone asked if it had ever been issued on cassette….and thus an idea was born.  Originally issued in 1982, Camino Del Sol never did make it to the fad format of its day, a fact that our Antena tape remedies nicely.  Presented to you with a luxe full-color, 7-panel J-card, this album is an absolutely perfect soundtrack to your summer afternoon at the beach. Pop this beauty into your boombox, crack open a frosty, and enjoy this modern bossanova masterpiece which has been lovingly referred to as “the missing link between Antonio Carlos Jobim and Kraftwerk.”

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