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Cover Story : Alfonso Lovo
June 14, 2012, 1:42 pm
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Working with Alfonso Lovo on the release of his psychedelic masterpiece La Gigantona has been a pleasure, to say nothing of the history lesson one gleans through first hand accounts of communism’s Latin American land grab. It was the same Sandinista forces that sent bullets through Lovo’s young frame on a hijacked jet in 1971 that would  send Lovo packing for the hills of Honduras at the decade’s end. Once rebel forces took control of the government, Lovo loaded a van and a limo with instruments, rations, and the La Gigantona acetate, abandoning countless photos and keepsakes from his musical youth. For this reason, finding period images of the multi-instrumentalist has been difficult.

This photo was our originally intended cover shot, first appearing in the Miami Herald in August of 1987 as part of a media blitz retailing to Lovo’s political summer smash, “Freedom Fighters.” Several calls to Miami Herald alums, the first of which had been incorrectly credited as the responsible photographer, revealed nothing but a cold trail of grainy microfilm.

This recently excavated photo was taken at the Ruebén Darío Theatre in 1972. We felt it not only looked like Numero footage, but better encapsulated the musician featured on La Gigantona. Look for this image come September, when the CD/LP touches down at a democratically run record store near you.

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When Alfonso Lovo was shot several times, point blank, with a 45, insiside a hijacked plane, he almost lost mobility of this left hand. The fact that he continued to play the guitar masterfully is the best indicator of his courage and determination. Viva Lobo!!!!

Comment by Jaime Lacayo

Me parece muy interesante,todo esto,te felicito,al fin vas a realizar uno de tantos retos que tenias trazado,tu disco.un abrazo esperaremos el disco. !!!!!

Comment by Rene Dominguez

[…] 2x45s by Pretty, Cave Dwellers, and Wicked Lester, a quartet of Shoes LPs, a 3LP Bandit box set, an LP/CD from Alphonso Lovo, and our big fall box set: Code Name: Party […]

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