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The King of Contra Rock: Alfonso Lovo (Video)
July 24, 2012, 3:14 pm
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We have a hard time contextualizing the sheer incredibility of Alfonso Lovo’s La Gigantona to even our closest friends and colleagues. In short, La Gigantona is an unreleased psych-jazz record from Central America that spends equal time in outer space and in the pocket. As 046’s October release date draws closer, we will try our best to bring Lovo’s story and his music’s funky insanity into sharper focus. Stay tuned to learn how hijackings and earthquakes, seafood and limousines shaped Lovo’s journey from Nicaragua’s upper crust to exiled Contra rock icon. Resident videographer Simon Brubaker had no shortage of material to work from, and it didn’t hurt that Lovo’s co-conspirator and percussionist Jose “Cheptio” Areas performed at Woodstock. In the coming months, we’re sure to reveal more sights, sounds, and stories pertaining to this terrific recording.

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i’m digging this, kinda even sounds like santana…..

Comment by krisholmes1

Alfonso Lovo its one of the best musicians we have.

Comment by enrique ulvert

Alfonso Lovo its one of a kind.

Comment by enrique ulvert

Well, you have my attention!

Comment by Marc Bonadies

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