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New Shoes stuff we’re making
July 26, 2012, 3:22 pm
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One of the challenges of this Shoes reissue series has been sorting through the immense amount of photos and ephemera to make period looking covers for the two never-issued-on-vinyl titles Bazooka and Pre-Tense: Demos 1978-1979. You’d think with hundreds of unpublished photos that this would be easy, you would be wrong.

For Bazooka, we used a series of chromalins and stripped them back to their barest CMYK properties:


The typeface was cribbed from a very early set list where the band somehow played every song featured on the 13 track album.

For Pre-Tense, since we were sequencing according to the original Present Tense track listing anyway, we jacked wholly from the original 1979 Elektra album cover, but set it in silver and a metallic gun metal:


And wanting to give it a more authentic feel, we copied the original Elektra labels as well, albeit with a slight twist:


Those hoping for a logo shirt are out of luck, we’ve filled our fake logo t-shirt quota for the year already.

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Great choice as usual by Numero Group! Shoes are GODS, as Local H frontman Scott Lucas once said!

Comment by Lou

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