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Alfonso Lovo : La Gigantona Prequel
August 6, 2012, 2:24 pm
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Although 1976’s La Gigantona was most fascinating to Numero executives, Alfonso Lovo’s previous long-player is not without merit. During his pursuit of a business degree at Louisiana State University, Alfonso Lovo recorded Terremoto Richter 6:25 – Managua as an homage to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Nicaragua’s capital in December of 1972. At times, Terremoto (literally “earthquake”) harnesses the same destructive spirit as it’s little brother, but absent is the experimental engineering of Gigantona sessionista Roman Cerpas, who doused Lovo’s follow-up in phaser, wah-wah, tape delay, searing the reckless sessions to magnetic tape at Managua’s state-of-the-art facility, Producine, in 1976. Two years prior, Terremoto was recorded at Knight Recording Studios in Metairie, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. The undocumented contributors included a capable flautist and a gospel choir. While an +A should be awarded for effort, it wasn’t until Lovo received his Bachelor’s Degree in 1975 that the gears would begin turning on Lovo’s graduate-level master work, La Gigantona. Songs like “Hijack” from Terremoto foreshadow the extraterrestrial course Lovo would chart upon his return to Managua.

Previously unreleased, La Gigantona will be available on CD/LP this Fall. Pre-order here.

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I am very sure that the Terremoto in 1972 in Nicaragua (Managua) was7.5 Richter, I was there….

Comment by William Lakayo

Great comments .. Thanks, i hope Terremoto gets reissued, soon.. as well as the New Orleans Sessions, with Chepito, and other good music in stock. !!

Comment by Alfonso

The Terremoto Saga will continue, with a possible reissue, I hope soon. Other new music will follow, keep tuned !!


Comment by Alfonso

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