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August 14, 2012, 3:21 pm
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Going back to a simpler time, when records were just the only way you could listen to music, some of these albums that we now consider deeply desirable were just a nuisance. Such was their undesirability that, when a future collectible wandered into someone’s possession, it was sometimes seen purely as raw material. The most famous example (sometimes referred to as Big Band Perhacs) was popularized by Will Louviere’s excellent Show And Tell Music site. Just imagine the pain of discovering this rarely seen LP with possibly the most undesirable chud decomposing inside it. 

Well, Big Band Perhacs has met its match. The Linda Perhacs LP, as scarce as it is, at least saw more than one pressing, and was promoted to radio stations and retailers, just like any other major release. As pathetic as it was to replace it with something as dire and unnecessary as Best of the Big Bands, you could imagine how much action such an LP got. Hell, it probably had Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. When you couldn’t just pull these played-out numbers up on youtube when the fancy struck, keeping this LP around (and protected from the elements by Linda Perhacs’ extraordinary form) was clearly useful. Dante Carfagna, Numero archivist and inveterate record stalker, has managed to weather a more acute form of heartbreak. The Boscoe LP is certainly more well known over the last few years that it has been in print on the Numero subsidiary * but back in the 1970s the meager 500 piece pressing barely covered the demands of the band’s family and close friends. The idea of a Boscoe LP just laying around to be cannibalized for its parts is truly shocking now, but frankly it was never abundant enough for this occurrence to be likely. To add insult to injury, it’s an Al Grey record, looked down upon even by second tier trombone players. For you to look upon and cringe, we present to you Dante’s recent addition to the annals of horrible record decisions, the Al Grey Boscoe:

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wish we could know how one went from point a (boscoe) to point b (gray).

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