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Parole for Norman Whiteside
August 18, 2012, 6:30 pm
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Most Numero readers know Norman Whiteside. Norman is the singer and songwriter responsible for a few songs off our first ever release, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, and the * label release Wee: You Can Fly On My Aeroplane. As is detailed in the liner notes of the latter, Norman was convicted in the early 1980s of accessory “after the fact” to murder. Although the details are hazy, it’s clear that he had nothing to do with the killing itself. Those killers have long been out of prison. Norman has been denied for parole several times for reasons that are not clear, despite the fact that he has been noted for good behavior and has pursued a college degree to prepare for freedom.

We are trying to get supporters to write to the Parole Board and let them know that Norman has supporters who want to see him released, making music again. Please address letters to the Ohio Adult Parole Board but send to:

Numero Group
Attn: Norman Parole Package
2348 S. Marshall Blvd.
Chicago IL 60623

Here’s an excerpt from the letter written by Numero’s Rob Sevier, for some content ideas:

I did not know the Norman Whiteside that was sent to prison over 30 years ago, but the Norman I know is an extraordinarily warm and generous person. He is optimistic and well-spoken, thoughtful and focused. My involvement with him includes working to release some of his compositions and I know that, when released from prison, he will not lose a step to once again contribute great beauty in the form of words and music to our society. I could never be more confident that an individual is fully reformed and prepared to enter society at large and contribute greatly. There is truly an audience for the music he has created, and that interest has been growing. We have been bearing witness to this as his music is continues to find fans around the country and the world. 

 It would help to introduce yourself, explain who you are, and a quick statement of how Norman’s music has had an impact and he will be released to a world that wants him back. 

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Im on it…One of my fav ever Lp’s. Thanks to Numero Group for reissuing this gem.

Comment by Zafsmusic

I will be putting pen to paper on this issue, the joy that Normans music has given me is imeasurable, Arthur.

Comment by Arthur Fenn

Thank you once again for your diligence in my fathers release. My brothers and sisters have been waiting on his return home for a while. I pray justice is served in December and that the parole paper has a big approval stamp on it. He has done more than his fair share of time that even convicted murderers don’t get. His only true crime is…His genius (been a gift and a curse all his life.)-Delayne Whiteside

Comment by Delayne Whiteside

BTW Congrats on your movie credit (Numero) (Sparkle)..when I seen it I told my girlfriend..Hey the distribute my daddy’s records. lol

Comment by Delayne Whiteside

Fantastic album – had it for years and never got tired of it. Gonna spread the word on Norman’s case among friends in Brooklyn NY. Best luck to him, his family and Numero.

Comment by GM

Debra Stafford, first of his children. My Dad is an incredible man, always has and will be. People I’d never imagine to meet my Dad has and their lives were changed forever. The people he has helped and taught educated on personal levels. We need more people just like him so when you run into someone in need , I can say my Dad will be glad to help. please help him to help others as well as myself.

Comment by Debra Stafford

I Douglas E. Whiteside I am my brothers keeper till I die. No Norman is not GOD but he has kept me from a lot of wrong doings and I have nothing but MEGA LOVE FOR HIM!!


Check the Free Norman Whiteside sign at minute 2:00!

Comment by Teju

Sorry i got this messege so late,but i did time with Mr.Whiteside and he is a great man behind close doors.He use to always talk to me about the Lord but i didnt believe in that then. Now im saved and i travel around the world testifing of the Lord and i do prison ministry now! If you need my help please email me at Brooks719

Comment by seron brooks

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