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Lou Ragland Reclaims Cleveland : A Recap
August 27, 2012, 2:37 pm
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It should come as no mystery to Numero friends, fans, and followers that we have a large place in our heart for the city of Cleveland. While our occupations demand that we spend the majority of our days navigating the past, it’s both encouraging and reassuring to spend an epic night out in a place that you’ve only previously dusted for fossils. The Lou Ragland show Friday night at the Beachland Ballroom was very special, and we thank everyone who traveled across town (and in some instance, across country) to witness the Traveling Man play hits from his eccentric songbook. Enthusiastic citizens from old and new Cleveland were in attendance–grown folks, young folks, record store owners and operators, professional roller skaters, ladies playing air guitar with their walking sticks, et al. A man who was seen carrying his 9-foot dreadlocks for most of the night did the city a service by flying in saxophonist and Ragland collaborator Gus Hawkins (see also: S.O.U.L.) to join Ragland’s band, which included original Hot Chocolateers Herb Pruitt on bass and Pam Hamilton on violin. And while we’d spent plenty of time with Lou over the years, it was great to meet his children (two of which sang back-up for Friday’s concert), plus several of his grandchildren. Lou is beloved in Cleveland, and despite a 30-year hiatus from the Forrest City, he proved he can still command a crowd in his hometown. In a sentence: He’s still got it.

Lou Ragland, a self-desribbed “whipper snapper.”

Lou Ragland taking pictures with fans.


Gus Hawkins on the left, Lou Ragland on the right, and the owner of this business card in the center.

If you can’t tell, this business card is also a hologram.


Pam Hamilton, recreating the destructive violin solo from “Good for the Gander” (Live at Agency).

When you’re not looking for them, vintage photos of Lou Ragland pop up everywhere.

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