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Classified: Tapes on Tapes on Tapes
August 29, 2012, 12:20 pm
Filed under: Methodology

Yesterday, a box of tapes arrived. We wish we could tell you more about them, but the less you know, the better off you’ll be. Trust us. They’ve only been here one night, and already our sleeping patterns have been complicated. We could turn this into a riddle, say something like, “These tapes came from somewhere notoriously warm, but originate somewhere notoriously cold,” leave you a clever trail of clues, but who would that benefit? Just know that someone’s modern-day trust, generosity, and packing skills have brought one more ambitious project closer to completion. One day, we’ll all look back at this blog entry and have a good laugh. But until then, know that these innovative, history-shaping reels are in good hands.

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Please please let it be William Onyeabor . . .

Comment by woodisgood

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