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Alfonso Lovo Video Countdown
September 5, 2012, 4:28 pm
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In the late ’80s, Alfonso Lovo racked up quite a music video portfolio, illustrating his rhyming thoughts on communism, emerging technologies, and communism. Although it’s hard to pick favorites, we organized an office pool, and assigned them ranks. Here are the results.

4.) Coming in at Number 4 is the video that started it all, “Freedom Fighters.” A bargaining chip used by local NBC-affilated Newscenter 7 to edge out competing news centers, the “Freedom Fighters” video was shot in 3 hours, free of charge, and ran alongside the accompanying news story about Lovo’s emergence as the King of Contra Rock. This video was no doubt the spark that started the betamax flame that followed. Includes a “Por La Paz Del Mundo” teaser with newscast commentary.

3.) As seen on Expressions, “Tianamen Square” is a continuation on the theme of communism’s sweaty grip on Central America, China, and Russia. Who can rhyme Noriega and Ortega like Alfonso Lovo? Nobody!

2.) Like “Tianamen Square,” the video for “Don’t Fax Me” was directed by Alfonso, and shot by younger brother, Claudio. During Lovo’s pursuit of a business degree at Louisiana State University, his marketing and management classes were emphasizing the affordable powers of video and the format’s ability to familiarize the public with a product. All three of these videos got rotation on Miami’s PBS affiliate, WLRN, on shows like Expressions, or packed loosely among other videos by regional artists.

1.) We kind of had to leave off with this, our in-house musical short, set to Lovo’s “Firebird Feathers,” a song featured prominently on the Wolf’s Numero debut, Alfonso Lovo: La Gigantona. This video borrows heavily from the other videos, and employs Final Cut Pro’s “Ken Burns Effect” to great effect. We hope you enjoy.

La Gigantona is available for pre-order now, by clicking here.

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Received my copy of La Gigantona this morning… wonderful! But, don’t recall this being part of the CD subscription. Has there been a substitution?

Comment by Arthur

La Gigantona is a substitution.

Comment by numerogroup

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