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Eccentric Soul: Omnibus Unveiled
September 12, 2012, 2:27 pm
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Simon Brubaker and Julia Dratel spent the better part of a week shooting and editing this in the midst of an absurd July heatwave. It was actually hotter inside than out by the garage, so maybe they got the better deal. We’re about six weeks from being able to ship this beast, but we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at the whole kit and kaboodle to tie you over.

Pre-orders continue at, as does our daily unveiling of each 45, with sound clips, bios, and label scans for color. The bonus 46th 45 is still available, but not for long. We’re only making 1500 of these, so don’t sleep and wonder why it’s not in your stocking. Mom’s need this info EARLY.

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I would love to get this from you guys but the shipping costs to the UK are horrendous. If I buy it from my friendly local record shop (Honest Jons who have a nice section dedicated to your stuff) will I still get the download code or is that only available to orders through the website?

Comment by Sam Hussain

Honest Jons should have it, but keep in mind that it’s going to be close to $300 in stores overseas after shipping and duty.

Comment by numerogroup

Dear Guys,

I am a dedicated follower in your releases.Omnibus is one of the best releases I’ve seen the last couple of years…

I was wondering if you can make a better price as far as the shipping cost.I have to pay $58.Is there any possiblity for a discount?

Kind Regards,
Sprawl Zone Radio Show / DJ

Comment by Savvas - Sprawl Zone Radio Show - Sugar45

That’s the actual cost of shipping Omnibus overseas. The box weighs 8 pounds with shipping carton.

Comment by numerogroup

Thanks for your kind reply.So I suppose you cannot do me a better price on the boxset 😦

Comment by Savvas - Sprawl Zone Radio Show - Sugar45

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