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Rewriting Bandit’s complex history in two easy years
September 21, 2012, 7:53 am
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Our original Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label CD felt like a massive accomplishment in 2004. We’d spent over a year trying to track the elusive Brown family, going from one distant relative to the next before receiving a call from Tridia Brown wondering what we were so interested in. The story began to pour out from there, captured in roughly 3000 words and 16 pages. Looking back now, they seem paltry in comparison to our recent work.

We began working on an expanded edition of Bandit in the early part of 2011, and have put it on hold many times since then. The liner notes have gone through too many drafts to count, and we’re certain that our editor Judson Picco is sick of reading about Arrow Brown. As of yesterday, all 14,000 words of this harrowing tale are edited and being imported into a 12″x12″ 52-page book. Kudos to Ryan Boyle and Bob Mehr for bringing this story back to life. Boyle spent the better part of a year re-interviewing all of our subjects and turned in a sprawling 20,000 word mess that covered everything from the Great Migration to the kidnapping of Dan Rather. Mehr came in and scraped 5000 words out. Judson Picco, Ken Shipley, and Rob Sevier did the remaining damage.

A large part of our work is spent trying to tell stories. Most buy our records for the sound, but if you get a spare moment to spend with this new Bandit record, pull theĀ novella out and give it a read.

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hmm – I’m confused – is this being reissued? when?

Comment by Neil

Bandit 3LP will be dropping in January 2013.

Comment by numerogroup

Considerably expanded upon Bandit, that is.

Comment by Rob Sevier

Super dope!

Comment by Marc Bonadies

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