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A New Spin on Numero
September 27, 2012, 4:17 pm
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A few months ago we took a routine trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Following us on that journey was Spin contributing editor David Peisner, simply a fly on the wall of a tumultuous series of meetings and expeditions into the unknown. Although we still question his credibility for not sharing in our zeal for hotel pools, he did a pretty great job of painting a realistic portrait of what a standard road trip consists of: little food, little sleep, significant aggravation.

A neighbor rides up on a bicycle and Shipley asks him if Walter B lives here. It bears mentioning that in this neighborhood — as in so many the Numero guys visit — thirtysomething white guys knocking on doors, sniffing around, and asking questions, look more like undercover cops, debt collectors, process servers, or bail bondsmen than record-label owners.


“What our brand stands for is virtually impossible-to-do projects. Laborious projects with very little return. To do this well, you really have to do this….” Sevier motions to the car, his notebook, and the traffic-clogged streets around us.

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