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Shoes LPs available for pre-order now
October 17, 2012, 2:10 pm
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The jackets are in. Inserts too. Iron on for Black Vinyl Shoes? Go buy a white shirt. And while you’ve got that credit card out, go ahead and pre-order these:

Shoes: One In Versailles

Shoes: Bazooka

Shoes: Black Vinyl Shoes

Shoes: Pre-Tense Demos 1978-1979

All LPs are $15 each, which is a goddamn steal in this day and age. Shipping begins 11/1/12. They’ll be in stores a few weeks later if you’d rather wait.

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Howzabout a box set with all four LP’s in it. If Codeine (of all bands) were worthy of a box then certainly the Shoes are AT LEAST double worthy.

I am not a god fearing man but I’d hate to gamble on that if I were the person making these decisions there and I died and found myself in front of the pearly gates and St Peter asked me “So… before I can let you in here God wants know something: why weren’t those vinyl Shoes reissued made available in a box set version? For the fanboys out there. Because God is a big Shoes fan.” and then be denied entry all because I did not treat them with the record collector geek respect they deserved. I mean what IF there is a God and God is a record collector geek? I’m just sayin’…

Comment by Mike Fey

I think when you see how we manufactured these, you might understand why we didn’t make a box.

Comment by numerogroup

i am guessing these are not in the subscription, right?

Comment by dgidneyduncan

Not in the subscription, but you can use your subscriber discount to get 15% off the lot.

Comment by numerogroup

When will the second of the lp subscription start shipping? i dont think anything has gone out yet

Comment by david

The following LPs from Part Two have shipped:

NUM004 Buttons: Starter Kit
NUM044 Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago

They would have shipped the first week of July.

Alphonso Lovo is next, which should go next week. Bandit and Medusa to follow right before the holidays.

Comment by numerogroup

I had the dream. God was, in fact, a huge Shoes fan and although he loved the packaging, he felt a special presentation of all four records was warranted. Then he threw a ball of fire at a tree and said that was for the hell of it and then he simply forgave ( as he was apt to do) but only because he had just received the Omnibus box.

Comment by Jipman

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