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Announcing: Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label
October 29, 2012, 2:54 pm
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After nearly three years of haggling, haranguing, arm twisting, shadowboxing, begging, and waiting, today we received the agreement from Forte’s Ellis Taylor Jr. and Marva Whitney to reproduce their entire catalog of essential Kansas City soul and funk for the world.

We first started sniffing around this monumental catalog half a decade ago, when quantity of dead stock 45s erupted out of the blue. Since then, we’ve slowly but surely been piecing together the story, and convincing Ms. Whitney that this is a project worthy of her time.

As it stands now, we expect to bring Forte Records back to the world sometime in the spring of 2013, on a variety of formats. Those jonesing for that wicked-rare Everyday People 45 can stop sweating now, we’ll be making a replica of it shortly. No need to spend $3000. We’ll be announcing the track listing soon, and sharing an insane grip of photos that have been buried in Dante’s filing cabinet for the last decade very soon.

Words can’t express how excited we are to have finally slayed this white whale, so we’ll close with this thumping Marva track:

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Crazy! Can’t wait for this.

Comment by Jipman

A great choice for a compilation.

Comment by William

Marva Whitney, RIP

Check out this tribute at

Comment by Brian

[…] 2012 ended on a sad note. Before we start getting into our big plans for 2013, we wanted to pause for a moment to miss a recent friend who we lost too soon. Marva Whitney, Soul Sister #1, died in Kansas City on December 22nd. She had been fighting back from health problems resulting from her 2009 stroke. As we’ve gotten to know her over the last year, we learned that she had plans to perform again and even get back into the studio. A few of her later recordings (and the second act of her long story) are being documented currently for the notes accompanying our forthcoming Forte compilation (047 Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label.) […]

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