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Omnibus Inspires Collector’s Frenzy
November 12, 2012, 5:34 pm
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We knew it was going to happen, but we could never have anticipated how hard it would happen once it did. When an entire Omnibus went up on eBay last week, pieced out into its 47 individual components (45 singles, a box, and a book), we were curious to see how our fractured box set (retail price: $250) would perform in the online marketplace. Perhaps someone out there simply wanted the “Strike” 45 and was willing to pay $59 for it. Perhaps $142 was the magic number of dollars separating you from the Now 45. What we’re having a hard time explaining to ourselves and others is how “Give Me One More Chance” by the Procedures could sell, by its self, for Four-Hundred and Ninety Dollars ($490).

Don’t get us wrong—it’s a great record. Perhaps “the procedures give me one more chance magic mirror reissue soul funk omnibus” translates poorly into foreign languages, or maybe we’re just doing that poor of a job advertising our latest release and it’s relative affordability. We would like to ensure grippers and flippers alike that, while Numero exists to connect music lovers with obscure music at an affordable price (while making sure artists and producers and songwriters get paid), we can’t stop people from selling, nor buying a Procedures 45 for the same price as two entire box sets (Procedures 45 included—twice!). While this seller made out like a bandit (shockingly, he or she has another auction of Omnibus bits up now), we would like to reiterate that this box set, while in demand, is in stock, and available on our website, or where fine records are sold (this includes eBay).

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Damn funny.

Comment by Jipman

“grippers and flippers” — nice.

Comment by El Unico

I just can’t fathom the frenzy over this record – it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma!

Comment by Ron Grace

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