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Big Box, Small Reviews
December 2, 2012, 9:05 pm
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Despite some internet and Facebook buzz, our ridiculously unwieldy (as it should be) Eccentric Soul: Omnibus collection has managed to nearly totally escape critical response (certainly in print). Nearly the entire press run is sold out (and certainly should be by Christmas), so at this point any sort of coverage is merely window-dressing. However, it can still be dismaying to open one of our favorite mags like Mojo and encounter a largely positive but completely generic  write-up. The book that comes with the release is over 100 pages long, but the write-up clocks in at less than 30 words. Is it possible that it’s a record that’s too big to review?

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Absolute laziness is the excuse. This box is quite possibly your finest release to date—certainly my favorite. It takes time to savor, and most critics/writers simply don’t have the time+patience to deal with this monster.

Comment by J. P.

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