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Anti-Drug Prince Tribute of the Day: “Cocaine”
December 20, 2012, 1:16 pm
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Cocaine Reel

As we’ve mentioned a couple times with a couple recent posts, we’ve been trucking through hundreds of recently acquired tapes over the last few months, looking for useful tunes. And while there are bins marked “dog shit” and “not gonna happen” there is a neat and magical stack called “keepers.” The most recent addition to this tidy pile is a drug discouraging re-imagination of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” with the foreboding chorus “Cocaine, can ‘stroy your brain.” Prince’s fans tend toward the fanatic (as do cocaine’s), but, for your own good, we’re only posting a portion of this long, strange, musical trip.

Unknown Artist: “Cocaine” (Purple Rain Cover)

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PLEASE tell me this is gonna end up on a 45.

Comment by Sam

i’d buy it

Comment by jimbob

That would not convince me to lay off the blow.

Comment by Lg


Comment by Duke

[…] Shit” or “Not Gonna Happen.” Then there are the curiosities… The drugged-up anti-drug Prince parodies, the British Punk Elite’s 1982 Invasion of South Minneapolis. Add to that list this […]

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Nice curiosity. Don’t release it on 45. This is enough.

Comment by Humberto de la Haya

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