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Placing Apocryphal Hymns
January 24, 2013, 3:53 pm
Filed under: Good God!

Our upcoming 040 Good God!: Apocryphal Hymns has plans for swinging its listeners wildly, from the shockingly singular sounds of Chester Lewis’s guitar prayer to the one-size-fits-all inspirational imagery of classic custom LP covers like this one:


But as we plow through the final preparations for our 9000-words-strong set of liner notes, we realized that you hardly need to hear the contents of this record to get a fairly serious sip of the juice. The insanely colorful place names involved kind of do that just fine. Really try to see and hear these now, or it won’t work right:

• Belize City, Belize

• Idar-Oberstein, Germany

• Stuttgart, Arkansas

• Waterproof, Louisiana

• Poole Deading, Mississippi

• Wilberforce University

• A Pepsi-Cola bottling plant

• A Cadillac factory line

• Klondike (an urban American neighborhood, not a gold-laden Canadian frontier)

• 99 Notre Dame Avenue

• Farm to Market 274 Road

…and last but not least:

• 10053 South Kumquat Street

You can’t make shit like this up…but do read about it, starting on 5/21 when Apocryphal Hymns hits shelves. We won’t even go into surnames here, except to say this: M. Fugazy played a mean synth.

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