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Turning you to stone one riff at a time: Medusa now available for order.
January 25, 2013, 8:52 am
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When this LP arrived in our office last week, there was a moment of sheer panic as we cracked the first box open to get a peak at our most ambitious album jacket to date. One part Odessa another part centaur scrotum, the velvet cover is bathed in twin rivers of gold and blood. No Christian household should possess this thing.

Had it ever made the leap between tape and wax, First Step Beyond could have forever altered the perception of Chicago’s horn-rock history. Instead, this mish-mash of Sabbath, Hawkwind, and Amon Duul II remained petrified in the Corycian Caverns, or rather the drummer’s basement since 1975. Art directed from the band’s elaborate original stage props and artwork, we have positioned this unreleased opus to finally reach its intended destination: the turntables of pot smoking teenagers, young and old.

The number of hits on this video tells us you haven’t watched it. Do so now:

But don’t take our word for it, listen to the UK’s critical elite:

“Adolescents of all ages will know what to do: file this record alongside the two Death albums on the shelf marked “essential never previously released mid-’70s scuzz-rock classics from the Great Lakes region.”—Mojo

“No template is adhered to whatsoever, clearly anything goes, and the end result is strange and surreal, but make no mistake, this sucker rocks mighty hard with ferocity matching improvisation step for step”—Terrorizer

“Medusa is a genuine find, flipping with abandon between almost heavy riffing and post-psych spaciness.”—The Wire

You’ve made it this far without buying anything? 

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more Tap, than er, Tap, fantastic.

Comment by BBMac

Medusa was the real deal, not copied from any of the bands they were compared to – because their original music was penned at the exact same time – or even earlier. Their music has not been equaled to this day. Now the rest of the world can finally experience the music I grew to love. Enjoy! Peter B (singer of Medusa)

Comment by peterb3music

Received my Medusa vinyl yesterday. The packaging on this item is superb. I was not familiar with the band. When the vocals are missing, the music is pretty strong to really enjoyable. The vocals really take away from the experience for me. Numero gives this release fantastic attention and dressing. It’s a real joy to grab.

Comment by Jipman

Does Medusa not come with any liner notes? Mine didn’t.

Comment by Ozzy

This is a companion to a forthcoming compilation that will include bios of all the bands. We didn’t want to tell the whole story twice!

Comment by numerogroup

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