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What Was Wound: The Unwound Reissues
January 29, 2013, 10:08 am
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We teased that we’d have a big announcement coming this week (hot on the heels of our equally massive Hüsker Dü news). After six months of plotting and discovery, we’re thrilled to be announcing a massive campaign to reissue the complete works of seminal Olympia, Washington, post-punk trio Unwound.

Beginning in the fall of 2013, Unwound’s seven albums—Fake Train, New Plastic Ideas, S/T, The Future Of What, Repetition, Challenge For Civilized Society, and Leaves Turn Inside You—will be expanded, remastered, and annotated in typical Numero fashion.  Kicking the series off is the first ever release of Unwound’s Tumwater High-era recordings, all under the name Giant Henry.

“Tumwater High has always been known as a ‘redneck’ school,” reflects guitarist/vocalist Justin Trosper in the album’s liner notes. “People took football and AC/DC equally seriously. The smoking area was rich in facial hair. We were into punk rock but we weren’t really ‘punk.’ We thought punk was funny. After all, this was the late-’80s. Post-punk was a memory, and everything was totally damaged and weird. We were kind of more with the times than the catalog-punks with mohawks and bondage pants.”

Recorded in original Unwound drummer Brandt Sandeno’s parents’ basement over one weekend in the winter of 1991, the 12-song vinyl-only Big Baby captures Vern Rumsey and Justin Trosper in their Metal Circus and Bleach-influenced halcyon days. In true DIY spirit, Numero has hand-screened the entire pressing of 1050 LPs, which includes three cover variants (the “Brandt” edition is pictured above). Copies will only be available via indie retail on Record Store Day.

Give a listen to “Super Nova” below:

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Comment by Ron

THIS IS AWESOME!! Thank you!

Comment by caren

Very cool. I look forward to anything you all release.

Comment by MC

I agree. This is sweet! They’re tremendously underrated!

I found out about them several years back by putting “Sonic Youth” into Pandora’s music player (before it was blocked in Canada. ugh) and one of the groups to be played was Unwound.

You plan to release them on CD as well as vinyl I assume (other than the RSD vinyl)? Will there be a big box of the whole set like with the Codeine reissues?

Sorry if I’m asking too early in the process, but I’m excited!

Comment by Donovan Friesen

Will you be doing a box to house all of the LPs, like you did for the Codeine set?

Comment by Shawn

Plans are forthcoming.

Comment by numerogroup

A vinyl box set would really awesome!

Comment by Nils Wortmann

Will the records be realeased as a box like codeine or seperate reissues?

Comment by mogwaione

So rad! I am really curious to hear “Repetition” remastered.

Comment by Issues

Amazeballz!! One of my life changing bands…sweet!

Comment by David E. Martin

I hope the “200” series continues on and on for us 90’s indie obsessives. I’m dreaming of the Numero treatment on the Bedhead, Silkworm, June of 44, and Seaweed catalogs. Just to name a few. Love the Codeine set and can’t wait for the Unwound stuff.

Comment by Kev

I couldn’t agree more! I am desperatly waiting for a label to put out the Bedhead records in the same way like NUMERO treated Codeine’s work! June of 44…I doubt it but if this really happens one day I will pee my pants!

Comment by Theo

May I jump in? Yeeeaaaahhh…a Vinyl Box would be great and since I love Bedhead and June of 44 I would love to see the records pressed again (like the other comments already reveal: as a box set with supe thick gatefold….Cheerio!

Comment by Jack

God yes! So looking forward to this!!! Fantastic news.

Comment by desidia

[…] other Unwound news, Numero Group announced in January that they are compiling and remastering the band’s seven albums in […]

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Sweet! I saw Giant Henry in Oly with Some Velvet Sidewalk, Kicking Giant and Dukes of Burl many years back…they were great! here’s some Unwound I filmed: and

Comment by Mike Desert

I’m so very excited to see this. It’s going to be incredible. I wonder if they can tour? Maybe with a substitute bass player (unless Vern can clean up)?

Comment by Man Who Was Thursday

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