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Bill Moss Vindicated
February 3, 2013, 8:06 pm
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Yes, that was Marion Black’s “Who Knows” from our inaugural release, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label in the Super Bowl. Although the commercial was tucked away in the middle of the strange and unprecedented Super Bowl power outage Couchgate, “Who Knows” can now be considered the most-heard Numero track ever (not to mention its use in cable shows such as Weeds, Queer As Folk and unseen movies such as Usher vehicle In The Mix). It fulfills a vision Bill had when we first met him in 2003, that his work’s best years were yet ahead. Thanks to Blackberry for putting Marion Black and Bill Moss’ work in front of hundreds of millions worldwide. Grab the CD or LP here.

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Kayvon N 2 hours ago
For those that don’t understand the ad: BlackBerry is showing all the things the Z10 cannot do because the things it CAN do take longer than 30 seconds to explain. Very creative and fitting for the superbowl. Well done!
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Joe Miller 2 hours ago
If you can show all the things that your smartphone can do in 15, or even 30 seconds, your phone is a failure.
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Comment by bob

“Who Knows” was also heard during the closing credits of the documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car?”

Comment by William

So awesome. Congratulations Numero Group, Marion Black and Bill Moss. I jumped up from my seat as soon as Mr. Black started singing and high-fived my good friend; who like me, is another hopeless record junkie. It was the highlight of my day yesterday.

Comment by sean

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