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Why does every new LP at a record store cost $30? (Syl Johnson’s first two LPs are back in print for $15 a pop)
February 26, 2013, 8:50 am
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JR7-8-webIn the years preceding our issue of Complete Mythology, the only way you could purchase a new Syl Johnson album on vinyl was via shoddy bootleg. The packaging was terrible and the mastering was lifeless. We thought we’d solved the problem with our 6LP and 4CD box set, but it turns out there’s a whole slew of people who aren’t into “complete” anything. This week we’re making it a little cheaper to own a piece of Syl Johnson’s catalog by putting his first two LPs—Dresses Too Short and Is It Because I’m Black—back in print on their original format. There are no liner notes or extra tracks, just the LPs as they were intended, albeit with a superior mastering job, heavy weight vinyl, a tip-on jacket, and a little obi to make the albums stand out in the bins.

The best part? The price. Each LP is only $15.

Numero started the Jr. line to put rare LPs back in print at a price you can afford. We’re sick of walking into record stores and seeing new LPs at outrageous prices, and thought you might be too. Once a month we’ll issue an album in its original form, but at our quality standards.

The first eight are as follows:

Jr.001 Shoes: One In Versailles

Jr.002 Shoes: Bazooka

Jr.003 Shoes: Black Vinyl Shoes

Jr.004 Shoes: Pre-Tense: Demos 1978-1979

Jr.005 Circuit Rider: S/T

Jr.006 Lewis Connection: S/T

Jr.007 Syl Johnson: Dresses Too Short

Jr.008 Syl Johnson: Is It Because I’m Black

And coming soon…

Jr.009 Otis G. Johnson: Everything-God Is Love ’78

Jr.010 Centaura: Lawdy Lawdy Lawd

Jr.011 Rokk: I Want To Get High

Jr.012 The Sixth Station: Deep Night


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Dang. While it’s great that you’re releasing Syl’s LPs and all, I was really hoping you’d answer the question that you posed in the title. I’d love to hear a good reason for it…

Comment by David Lerner

i gotta say that im not 100% digging the implication of numero’s post!
the cost price (to the record store) from a major US music distributor of these syl johnson LPs is $14.50. so while $30 is indeed far too steep of a retail price (a reasonable retail price would be somewhere in the region of $21.99-22.99), it’s uncool of numero to indicate that record stores should somehow only make a fifty cent profit!
come on, guys! $30 is crazy (some stores do have oddly high profit margins) and i know it’s in your best interest to encourage your own online sales but to do so at the expense of record stores that support you is a bit harsh.
love your label, but ouch at this misleading post!

Comment by some duder

We wholesale these to record stores for $10.50. If you’re paying $14.50 for a Syl Johnson LP, you’ve been had.

Comment by numerogroup

wait, so the Scorpio press of Is It Because I’m Black is a bootleg? Oh man, they lied to me 😦

Comment by krisholmes1

Can’t wait to see the press releases for those last three…

Comment by Marc Bonadies

Is that the same Rokk from Omnibus?

Comment by Pat

Yes. This is the same group.

Comment by numerogroup


Comment by cortez


Comment by Bern Gawd

sorry. do these come with mp3’s a la Omnibus?

Comment by Bern Gawd

No MP3 downloads with these.

Comment by numerogroup

is the higher price of new LP’s related to the mp3 inclusion?

Comment by Bern Gawd

Is the pressing and mastering of those two new realesed Syl Johnson lp’s are the same the the ones that are in Complete Myth Box ?

Comment by Hugues

New masters, but essentially the same lps.

Comment by numerogroup

Could you be more specific as in how they’re new masters? is the $15 one mastered from the original tapes? Is it an all-analogue mastering or from digital files? Thanks

Comment by hishou

Both $15 Syl reissues are mastered from the original quarter-inch tape. Wether or not these issues are “better” than the original Twinight versions will be a matter for debate, but they are DEFINITELY superior to the vinyl transfer bootlegs (alluded to in the original post).

Comment by numerogroup

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