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Coming to a database/record store near you: Rokk: I Want To Live High
April 9, 2013, 10:14 am
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Rokk-I Want To Live HighA debut album that never was, Rokk’s I Want To Live High is that rare misshapen pearl clenched tightly between the shells of a music industry shucked long ago. Too soulful for its disco-era release date, the sextet’s 1976 Tollie-issued 45 “Patience” (as featured in Eccentric Soul: Omnibus) tracked well in Rokk’s hometown of Los Angeles, but was withdrawn before patience ran out with the spring rains of 1977. Tracked simultaneously was this entire shelved album full of Rokk’s mid-tempo grooves, flute-lead funk, sultry female backing vocals, slap bass, chorus-drenched guitars, and lyrics about getting baked and eating baked apple pie. Jazzy, with plentiful slices of Broadway, Innervisions, and Rokk’s own stoned brand of horn-rock, had I Want To Live High ever gotten so high as actual record store shelves circa late 1977, it would’ve surely sobered up to the commercial onslaught of saturday night disco juggernauts and the pummeling forces of earth, wind, and fire.

In keeping with our recent Lewis Connection, Shoes, Syl Johnson, and Circuit Rider reissues, we’ll be issuing this title only on vinyl as part of our Jr. line, and at a price even a broke college kid can afford. Quality nuts, we’ve got you covered: Tip on jackets, 150 gram vinyl, and lacquers cut from the original master tapes

This early August release will mark our third foray into the tape archives of James Dockery, owner and proprietor of the Soul Craft label. The second will find its way to market in late May as we repress his “My Faith In You Is All Gone” b/w “Giving You The Love You Need” on 45 as part of our ongoing Eccentric Soul subscription series. We’ll be pressing the original red label version of that single, but for fans of their ’70s design.. fear not! We’re using the blue and yellow “Come Trip With Us” label for the Rokk LP. Maybe we’ll make a few shirts too.

Soul Craft Label

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