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Numero’s guide to Record Store Day 2013 (Part 4)
April 18, 2013, 11:50 am
Filed under: 24-Carat Black, Record Store Day

24c-acetateWhen we first got the tapes for what would become NUM025 24-Carat Black: Gone: The Promises of Yesterday LP/CD, we thought we had a lot more material from which to compile from. From the four tapes that we transferred, only six usable tracks managed to make it off the reel. The rest were in such bad shape that we got one pass at capturing what was left. And even then, there were only four songs that were audible. But what great songs they are! Listen:


Hear that crackle? That’s the tape falling apart as we ran it. Live degradation! Even though they’re just shade past inaudible, we’ve always carried a soft spot in our hearts for these orphaned songs. So much so that when it came time to put a piece together for our RSD pop up store, our thoughts immediately returned to these annihilated masterpieces. But how to package the barely listenable? In our travels over the last decade we’ve come across our fair share of scorched acetates. Flaking, cracking, bubbling… most get a play at most before needing to be tossed in the dumpster. And yet there is beauty in that decay. To give you a little sense of the hope served over a bed of disappointment we often feel, we’ve recreated that look as a 10″ picture disc. Yes, picture disc. The worst sounding vinyl format.

We’ve pressed 549 of these things, opting to package them in a kraft sleeve with the traditional “Broadcast Records Fragile” imprint found on so many acetates—as opposed to a tough clear plastic sleeve. The kicker? You can only buy them at our pop up store this Saturday, limit one per customer. If you want this, you need to find a way to get to Chicago or bribe a friend of yours to line up and get one for you.

Can’t get to Chicago? This is the next pic disc hitting the market (Pass on the Dio and Bon Jovi if you know what’s good for you):


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