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Iasos, The Dawn of a New Age
May 6, 2013, 1:59 pm
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At the beginning, there was only two waving the new age banner: Steven Halpern and Iasos. While Iasos toiled away in relative obscurity outside of New Age, Halpern crossed over outside of their shared niche. Iasos’ first decade of recording is deep, beautiful, and woefully hard to find. With the help of Carlos Nino (AmmonContact, Build An Ark, HuVibrational), the vaults to Iasos’ 1970s and early 1980s masterworks were thrown open to create this unprecedented document (including unseen interviews and the most complete dissertation on his life and work yet assembled). Whether you’ve had all the Iasos cassettes tucked away in the corner of your yoga studio for decades, or you’re just starting to figure out who all these contemporary drone artists have been jacking their styles from… this is the anthology for all.



To introduce the man and the myth, the best texts are his own words. Here’s an interview with Altered Zones from last year. Here, Stones Throw artist James Pants has a conversation with Iasos that breaks down much of his career. Here’s the Psychic Reader interview from 2006. Watch the blog for far more about this powerful figure and the music he made. 




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