Numero Group: By The Numbers

Playing with probability
May 9, 2013, 1:13 pm
Filed under: Methodology


When talks began about our forthcoming 048, (to be named) hard rock compilation, one of the very first questions was…”can we make a printed 20-sided die with the Numero logo on it?”  The answer of course was yes, but then this began a whole other conversation.  What if we made an accompanying Dungeons & Dragons style campaign to go along with the release?  Since only Dustin and Judson of the Numero were brave enough to admit their dungeon dwelling past, the two started thinking how to make this special edition version of the release work.  Word of Dungeon master screens and character creation sheets quickly spread throughout the office, but were unfortunately deemed far too involved for the average record buying fan to actually comprehend, much less use.  Continuing with the idea of a playable component, the concept morphed into a board game that combines the feel of D&D with the interactions of some of our favorite board and card games.  We’ll be telling you far more about all of this as we grow closer to the release, but for now, here’s a glimpse of some of our hotly debated probability charts.  Rest assured there will be many late nights at the office spent play testing the game before release.

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