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The Unwound audio archive is full of wonderful surprises…
May 10, 2013, 11:02 am
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5141When Justin Trosper and Ken shipley were going through a grip of Unwound cassettes on the path to sequencing the first Unwound box (there’s a total of four coming), they came across a number of curious anomalies. An X-Ray Cafe show from 1992 where Sara Lund was mysteriously missing for the first 25 minutes of the set is perhaps the best find (Bass and guitar-only Flipper covers ensue), but a KAOS live set from May of 1992 is just behind it.

After Trosper, Vern Rumsey, and original drummer Brandt Sandeno finished their feral set, a set of prescient voices follow. The first is that of semi-legendary producer Steve Fisk, who would go on to produce six of the band’s seven albums. After Steve’s Station ID/warning comes and goes, a stuffy-headed 19 year old Sara Lund breaks in. Unwound was in the KAOS studio at the behest of Lund and spoken word artist Sue Fox, whose radio show they invaded for what Fox described as a “uh, uh, uh…very…interesting” set. Lund would replace Sandeno before the year was out and change the trajectory of the band entirely.

One little radio show that foreshadowed so much. Only in Olympia.



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I remember the “Sara-less” X-Ray show. It was some sort of Kill Rock Stars showcase w/ Karp + godheadSilo (I know, right?). Tattletale played first and, not wanting to seem like rockstars, Justin + Vern offered to play next. Despite the fact that Sara wasn’t there yet. The look on her face when she walked in was priceless… I remember Justin shouting “Subhuman!” for a long time. Very “Can,” that..

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