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Iasos: Another Reincarnation
May 13, 2013, 2:45 pm
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As we prepare to start another cycle of Iasos’ long musical career, it’s worth looking at some of his past lives. Here’s an anecdote Iasos’ shared with us while we were assembling the forthcoming Celestial Soul Portrait:

There is a large deluxe full-color book on Egypt entitled “The Nile”. Inside this book, one of the images is the following:



Those that know me very well, all agree that this is definitely “me”! Especially, the eyes. The big picture book says the following about this image: 

This portrait was found 50 miles from Cairo. It is dated about 450 AD. The painting is believed to be Greek in style.

My grandmother never believed in reincarnation – until I showed her this image.   This image alone – made her believe in reincarnation! By the way, I did some “inner psychic research” and discovered/realized/remembered that I was then a merchant ,  importing/exporting goods between Greece & Egypt.   At the height of my career, I actually had 3 ships!

 This portrait is now in Room 214 of the Cairo Museum [last place it was known to be]When I was there, I got the attention of one of the museum guards, and brought his attention to this portrait.  His eyes got REAL BIG!!! when he looked at this portrait and then looked at me!

The Numero reincarnation: June 18th, 2013.

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