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Announcing: Unwound: Kid Is Gone
May 28, 2013, 10:06 am
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Kid Is Gone is the unquiet portrait of primal Unwound. Before 1993’s Fake Train ripped through, they’d been Giant Henry, Supertanker, and Cygnus X-1, short-lived black holes gathering dark material into something built to explode. From Justin Trosper, Vern Rumsey, and Brandt Sandeno’s first restive years, “Crab Nebula” might’ve best prepared the indie-sphere for what Unwound became, had Sandeno’s split not stalled their planned debut. Part 1 in Numero’s 4-part reissue project, Kid Is Gone documents signal chaos in Olympia’s fertile scene before Unwound’s turbulent noise hit stride, in unrevealed period photos, 34 tracks, and three LPs—cassette-only demos, early 7”s, a KAOS radio broadcast, material tracked live in a local basement, and all of what became 1994’s Unwound, on which the band’s prehistory plays out in a feral maelstrom of screaming, distortion, feedback, and abrasive promise.

Track list:
Side A
1. Bionic
2. LD-50
3. Lying At Best
4. Stumbling Block
5. Whilst You’re A Head
6. Rubber Band Heart
7. Crab Nebula
Side B
2. Caterpillar
3. Miserific Condition
4. Love And Fear
5. You Speak Jealousy
Side C
1. Antifreeze
2. Rising Blood
3. Understand & Forget
4. Fingertips
5. You Bite My Tongue
6. Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Again
Side D
1. Warmth
2. Prospect
3. Kid Is Gone
4. Kandy Korn Rituals
5. Against
6. I’d Die To Know You
7. Sugarfit
Side E
1. Understand & Forget (KAOS session)
2. Miserific Condition (KAOS session)
3. Against (KAOS session)
4. Ape Skins (KAOS session)
5. Awkward (KAOS session)
Side F
1. Antifreeze (Live)
2. Rising Blood (Live)
3. Prospect (Live)
4. Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Again (Live)
5. Hating In D (Live)

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Am I reading correctly that there’s no CD set, or Codeine style LP+CD?
If I may kindly inquire, why not? I’ve been super-hyped on this since first announced, and I’m kinda bummed now.

Comment by Donovan Friesen

The Unwound catalog is very available on CD currently, so our first order of business is to get the vinyl sorted. CD version will follow later.

Comment by numerogroup

Sweet! I own all their albums, but all those bonus tracks have me lathering.

Comment by Donovan Friesen

When will the pre-order be up?

Comment by Peter Wyatt

Give it a couple of weeks. We still need to finalize the cover art for the bonus LP.

Comment by numerogroup

I never thought I would live to see this glorious day. I’m ready to give you whatever money you need. Just let me know.

Comment by Jason

my favorite era of Unwound. seeing them at the OK Hotel changed my life.

Comment by Charles

Please let me know whan this will be avalabile, I enabled the notify me of follow-up comments, so just reply here when its out!

Comment by Jennifer

Finally! Real names for the unreleased KAOS trax! I used to make up names for them from star atlases…

Comment by corto

[…] the first Unwound box arrives at finer retailers today. We’ve detailed the track list elsewhere, but as you might be able to tell from the above, there’s more to Kid Is Gone than 35 brutal […]

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So this is the first of 4 sets to be released of Unwound stuff? Is that right? When do the other 3 come out? I’d like to pre-order them all.

Just got mine today and IT IS AWESOME. Awesome terrific amazing job guys. It is beautiful.

Comment by phil

THe next one comes out in March. The other two should follow six and twelve months later.

Comment by numerogroup

Any idea when the CD version will appear?

Comment by Ian

We won’t be tackling the CD versions for a while yet.

Comment by numerogroup

Well I suppose I can carry on without this in my life for a while longer! Please don’t let the CD versions slip off the radar altogether though.

Comment by Ian

What is the timeframe (i.e. planned release dates) for the remaining volumes in the Unwound series?

Comment by Gary

Vol. 2: March 2014
Vol. 3: September 2014
Vol. 4: March 2015

Comment by numerogroup

What’s the latest news on the CD version of this set?

Comment by Judy

CDs are a ways out just yet. Sometime in 2015 is the best guess.

Comment by numerogroup

Any chance sometime in 2016 will happen?

Comment by Donovan Friesen

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