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Pat Robertson and some audiophile “guru” bring the hate.
June 12, 2013, 2:18 pm
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In what is shaping up to be a great week for the haters, some audiophile guru briefly pulled his head out from the tangles of Transparent Opus MM SC cables to half-read the recent Wire article written by Numero interns-for-life Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley and then deem it “stupid” (actually, the stupidest.) We’re assuming this is a compliment amongst audiophiles, but in the case that he means what most of us mean by stupid (you know, lacking in intelligence) we offer a refutation of his subjective claim by noting 5 articles that are “stupider”.

In no particular order:

Vinyl records’ comeback is music to collectors’ ears

Vinyl records spin back into vogue

It’s Alive!

Slow and Steady! Vinyl Survives.

Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback

You may notice that these are basically all the same article. That’s your standard set of talking points on the vinyl format. God forbid anyone say anything different.

In the slightly more respectable world of televangelism, Pat Robertson is also getting in on the unsolicited criticism. He got wind of our forthcoming hard rock compilation (name to be revealed only through the most arcane occult spellcasts) and has issued an invective against “demonic games”. More on this soon, right after we figure out how Pat Robertson is tapping our phones.

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Our guy seems oddly angry/defensive over the suggestion that an upturn in vinyl sales might have something to do with machinations of the musical industrialist complex, that consumers might be being manipulated; as if this is an unthinkable proposition that could never/has never happened.

And anyway, isn’t he a bit old to play such games? Or is there something more sinister at work?

“After all, it’s just a piece of vinyl.” Lol.

Comment by princeasbo

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