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Pierre Lewis On Four Chairs
July 18, 2013, 10:26 am
Filed under: Lewis Connection, Purple Snow

While assembling Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, we sorted through binders, boxes, and drawers of photos belonging to dozens of Twin Cities entities. Although we’ve been poring over these images for years now, only yesterday did we notice a young Pierre Lewis (co-star of the brotherly Numero release, The Lewis Connection) was sitting on not one, not two, not three, but FOUR chairs in this early performance by Back to Black at North Minneapolis’s Theodore Wirth Park. Rather than speculate, we decided to call Pierre Lewis and have him weigh in on the topic:


If I had one chair I’d be too low! Look where that first chair is. If I sat on one chair, I’d be under the piano. I damaged my rotary cuff like that once before from, lifting my hands up in the air, you know, like Frankenstein? It was four or five months before it healed. That had to be between ’72 and ’73, based on the shirt I’m wearing. That was the uniform we had in Back to Black. If I stood up, I’d have to bend over to play the Rhodes. Because in that picture, I’m like 5′ 3″, 5′ 4″… 5′ 5″ at the most. After I turned 18, that’s when I really started growing. Because I’m 5′ 10″ now. I would only need one chair now. Two at the most. 

Pierre Lewis, who now stands when he plays, is one of many colorful individuals featured in Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, available 11/12/13.

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