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Polaroid Rage: Cohesion Rocks Canada, 1977
August 16, 2013, 12:15 pm
Filed under: Purple Snow

cohesion band005

The Cohesion Band were one of a handful of funk acts operating outside of Minneapolis’s predominately Black Northside in the mid-’70s. Citizen’s of Central High School, the scrappy nonet fled the Southside in the Summer/Fall of 1977 to rock Canadian lodges, resorts, and dinner clubs from Saskatoon to Winnipeg to Calgary. Knowing from experience that the best thing you can do as a teenager is pile into a high-occupancy vehicle with your buddies, we felt compelled to share a small selection of Cohesion Band polaroids from the band’s 1977 tour log. There was so much compelling imagery gathered for Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound that some of the more endearing and intimate moments fell to the cutting room floor. And into the internet.

cohesion band002

David White, Douglas Belton, and John Rivers

cohesion band006

Dwayne White (left) and Rocky Harris (right) with Canadian club owner (center).

cohesion band013

Newly weds John and Emma Jean Rivers.

cohesion band012

Cohesion van, broken out of Minneapolis Vocational by the Cohesion Band.

cohesion band010

Dwayne White, dining on “Heinz Spaghetti with Beer”? Must be Canadian.

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