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Borrowed Time: Alexander O’Neal Reel Escapes Peril
September 3, 2013, 12:31 pm
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Alexander O Neal (Edit)

Last summer, while building the tracklisting/mythology for Purple Snow, we got an interesting email at our catchall address, After introducing himself as Dan Dominiak, and telling us a little about his tenure at Chicagoland music retailer Hegewisch Records (and some overlapping info about the Erect Records label, both owned by Joe Sotiros) the Numero fan and email correspondant revealed the following:

In September of 2001, almost exactly 10 years to the day of the unsolved murder of owner Joe Sotiros, the Calumet City store would be demolished for the erection of a Walgreen’s. Having been employed myself at Hegewisch from 1990 to 1996, I was aware that Joe had kept all the master tapes from Erect Records stowed in the back stock room of his Calumet City store.
Carefully maneuvering through the half demolished remnants of Hegewisch Records, I acquired the master reel-to-reel of [Alexander O’Neal’s] “Do You Dare” 12″ remix (see attached photo). Sadly, I left all other reel-to reels inside the building to be lost forever in the final demolition of the building. I can’t express enough regret and for not having taken all of those tapes, but it was far too much for a young twerp like me to store away in my parents home.
Possibly the most popular artist on Erect Records, I felt the Alexander O’Neal tape might have some kind of value to someone and even considered the idea of getting it back into the hands of Mr. O’Neal. As of late, I’ve humored the idea of putting it up on eBay. I’m wondering what you guys might suggest I do with this tape?

We explained to him that from our perspective, the best thing to do would be to let this recording live forever in high fidelity along side its Purple Snow contemporaries. Despite having the unreleased Moonsound demo version in our playlist-in-progress, we felt the Erect Records version formed a more sophisticated manifestation of the Chris Moon-John Rivers composition. Not to say it wasn’t a tough call.

Alexander O Neal back003

Unreleased Moonsound Version (1981)

Erect Records Version (1982)

Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound will reach shelves 11/12/13, and feature this rich rendition of O’Neal’s “Do You Dare,” as well as the previously unreleased Moon-Rivers composition, “Borrowed Time.”

Thanks again, Dan!

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Im a big Alexander O’Neal fan/collector .. can you give me Dan Dominiak e-mail address please

Comment by Steven Watson

Will the full mounsound version of do you dare be available at some point? What about the other tracks ie Kiss it Goodbye, Torture etc

Comment by Steven Watson

No immediate plans to release the Moonsound version of “Do You Dare,” or any other Alexander demoes, with the obvious exception of “Borrowed Time.”

Comment by numerogroup

Are the demo’s still in existence? .. are they on tape or vinyl? .. I have managed to track down a compilation album with the track “Make It easy” on but have not heard it yet as i dont have a record player 😦
Here’s hoping one day the demo’s are released, have met Alex on many occasions, managed to get him to sign my vinyl copies of “Do you dare” and “Attitude”

Comment by Steven Watson

I think you guys should delve into 80s funk and soul, you’d be great at it.

Comment by Skinny Ricky

Any chance of uploading a snippet from each of the Alexander Demo’s?

Comment by Steven Watson

PLEASE release the MOONSOUND version of “Do You Dare”!! It’s fantastic!! Sounds like a prediction of what was to come, I’m thinking of “What’s Missing”, AWESOME!

Comment by Patrik Sundström

Please, for the love of god, release the Moonsound Demo.

Comment by Vinnie

Just managed to track down the track “Make it easy” !!

Comment by Steven Watson

Where did you find it? I’m dying to know, sooo curious. When will the entire demotape be released?? Waiting eagerly!!

Comment by Patrik Sundström

Hello Patrik .. found it on an album called “Songwriter” As for the other demo’s I got in touch with Chris Moon from Moonsound Studios, he has the demo’s in his archive but wasnt prepared to release them

Comment by Steven Watson

Kickstarter? Write in campaign? list? This Moonsound Demo is one of the best 1.5 minutes of funk I’ve ever heard. I’d gladly buy two.

Comment by Vinnie

Lucky you! Could you be more specific? “Album called Songwriter”? Is it an LP from back in the day?

Funk on

Comment by Patrik Sundström

Send me your e-mail and I will send you a pic

Comment by Steven Watson

Sent you on Facebook

Comment by Patrik Sundström

Sent you a FB message with pics

Comment by Steven Watson


Comment by Steven Watson

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