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Punk Break on Funk Tape (Minneapolis)
September 17, 2013, 9:44 am
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While transferring a multitrack tape belonging to Minneapolis’s Quiet Storm, we discovered a stowaway at the session’s end. Having been recorded at St. Paul’s proletariat recording facility Ambient Sound on a house reel in the early ’80s, there was no cast of usual suspects to quiz regarding this snotty new wave oddity—90 seconds of music that had spent 3 decades hitchhiking on Quiet Storm’s stalled demo.

Quiet Storm had no idea whose music they had sideswiped  with their own session. Studio owner Bob Cain was just as clueless. Awesome guy Chris Osgood called a punk rock huddle between fellow Suicide Commando David Ahl and all three Twin Tone Records founders Steve Fjelstad, Paul Stark, and Peter Jesperson. Findings were inconclusive. While we assumed the mystery singer’s British accent was a put on, we called studio owner and British person Chris Moon to see if he knew of anyone singing the Queen’s English in the Twin Cities during the Reagan era. The mystery remains unsolved.

Speculation is encouraged.


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[…] we have discussed, most recently in the blog post “Punk Break on Funk Tape,” the Twin Cities’ rock and funk factions were never far apart, if only geographically. […]

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