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Check My Machine: Diego Martinez (Los Nombres)
October 3, 2013, 10:04 am
Filed under: Los Nombres


For every Numero release, there is a cast of characters that we stay in regular contact with, even years after an album has come and gone from the New Arrivals bin. While our newborn compilations are consistently coddled and pampered, we love all of our children equally. When Los Nombres were featured on Cleveland Public Radio a few weeks back for National Hispanic Heritage Month, the group’s founder and #1 fan Diego Martinez was unable to join us in the studio due to health issues. Ever enthusiastic, Diego called to congratulate us on a job well done, not an hour after we ended transmission.

When Grammy nominations fail to materialize into Grammy statuettes, or when your relatives stare blankly as you tell them, for the third Thanksgiving in a row, exactly what you do for a living, messages like this serve as their own tiny trophies, letting you know that your work is impacting the lives of good people.

Los Nombres is available on CD and LP, and contains 10 of the most dynamic Latin soul songs ever committed to tape: the deepest ballads, the highest instrumentals, poppy dancers, and sentimental romancers. In the words of Diego Martinez, “short and beautiful—to the point!”

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