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Extra! Extra! Vintage News From Minneapolis
October 9, 2013, 1:24 pm
Filed under: Purple Snow

We dug through a lot of paper while researching Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound. Lots of information hit the cutting room floor–what can you really do with the fact that Alexander O’Neal & the Leopards played the 7th Street Entry with Wilma & Her Wilburs, “a good garagey rock princess, capable of belting it out”? Still, some of this pixilated brilliance stills seemed too good not to share. Here’s a few choice nuggets from the scrap yard.

“Steve Wiese & Terry Grant at Creation Audio”


From their Bloomington, MN studio Steve Weiss and Terry Grant made lots of Minneapolis magic happen, including the Mind & Matter 45 “I’m Under Your Spell” b/w “Sunshine Lady” and the Flyte Tyme demoes featured on Purple Snow (as well as this star-spangeld pic-sleeve). Upon emailing Steve this photo, he responded: “Where did that come from? What publication? Why did I not have a shirt on?”

“Cynthia Johnson of hot Lipps packs her bags for sunny Mexico


A ubiquitous disco anthem, few village people realize that “Funkytown” is actually a Minneapolis record. Cynthia Johnson was the lead vocalist for Flyte Tyme before getting brought up the the majors by Lipps Inc. If you want to make sure your luggage makes it to your final destination, bring masking tape.

“Sue Ann Carwell & Enterprize: surprise show at the Entry”


Sue Ann Carwell spent most of the ’70s and ’80s a nomadic vocalist who could make herself at home on any bandstand. Also featured on Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, an unidentified Orville Shannon happened to be playing with Enterprize for this surprise appearance at 7th Street Entry.

“Owen Husney”


In an Insider article about recent Warner Bros. signee Prince we find a sweet shot of his first manager and Purple Snow godsend Owen Husney who ushered much Twin Cities talent to the big leagues.

“The Roger Dodger Music Co.”


Roger Dodger Music enabled the Minneapolis Sound’s architects to become electric and eclectic. This garden of gear was owned and operated by Roger Dumas, who was also available to turn the knobs on your Moog if you needed that sound for your recording of “Funkytown” (this actually happened and is pictured below).


Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound will be here soon to make your winter even colder regardless of which climate you call home.

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