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94 East on the Upbeat Dancer Show
November 8, 2013, 11:02 am
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While 94 East is often celebrated for providing Prince Nelson with his first recording opportunity back in 1975, there is as much magic in the songwriting of bandleader Pepe Willie, who moved from his native Brooklyn to Minneapolis a few years earlier on the arm of Shauntel Manderville—Nelson’s cousin. In the years since his star pupil rocketed into funk-rock infamy, Willie has continued to write and record (and reside) with 94 East principals Kristie Lazenberry and Marcy Ingvoldstad. Their new songs bear a striking and refreshing resemblance to the vintage Minneapolis Sounds the group began minting nearly 40 years ago.

And somehow this segment bears some resemblance to a music video the group might have made during their salad days. However, the video was shot and broadcast in Orlando a few weeks ago as part of the regional Upbeat Dancer Show. “Dial My Number” has been stewing in 94 East’s home studio for years, and features the keyboard work of Minneapolis rock luminary James Walsh (Gypsy).

94 East’s “If You See Me” serves as the starter pistol for Purple Snow, which if you didn’t know, hits shelves December 3rd. “If You See Me” along with session highlight “Games” share sides of a pic-sleeve 45 which is available on our website or where ever 7-inch records are sold.

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