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Happy Spike Moss Day
November 11, 2013, 11:51 am
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While Americans have historically spent this day honoring our nation’s veterans, the city of Minneapolis honors an additional hero with November 11th. Municipalities tend to throw such distinctions around wildly, maintaining diminishing levels of enthusiasm as the years roll by, but the Numero Group does not take Spike Moss Day lightly. Since the mid-’60s, Moss has been an advocate and an activist, a leader and a believer in the African-American community of the Twin Cities. As the director of the Way Community Center at 1913 Plymouth Avenue, Moss fostered several musical groups through the ’60s and ’70s, providing the Young Players,  the Family, the Cohesion Band, and Grand Central a place to rehearse and perform, giving the Minneapolis Sound’s young architects a sanctuary in which to hone their budding chops. While constructing Purple Snow, Moss was extremely generous with his time and archives, stating that he was on board with anything that helped celebrate his beloved Northside community. Spike remains active locally, and is constantly traveling the country to speak at gang summits and cease fires in some of our nation’s most turbulent communities. As there appeared to be no mention of Spike Moss Day in any of the Twin Cities’ major news outlets, we wanted to do our part to honor this righteous individual.

To learn more about Spike Moss, the Way Community Center, and the young musicians harbored therein, check out Purple Snow when it reachers stores, shores, homes, and hearts December 3rd, 2013. 

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