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The Lewis Connection – Still Doing It
November 12, 2013, 11:29 am
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With Pierre in the Twin Cities and Andre outside of Nashville, the Lewis Connection rarely connects. So when the beloved brothers posted this picture (sans Numero logo) on Facebook, the comments poured in from across their common corner of the internet. “How come Andre has no gray hair?” asked one friend. “I don’t know, I don’t have any hair,” replied Pierre. When confronted by a former classmate from St Paul Central, “I still hoop u two !!!! What,” Andre exhibit a pretty thorough awareness of recent alumni match-ups, confessing “in my heart I know they don’t want none of this.” After running through possible scenarios in relation to his abilities, he concluded, “no matter what happens, they will still experience the the agony of defeat.”

While there were dozens of funky local 45s minted during the Purple Snow era, Pierre and Andre Lewis hold the distinction of releasing one of the only (and arguably the strongest) full-length features from the Minneapolis Sound’s early days. We released their misspelled debut a year ago on our JR. imprint, and included a few of our favorite cuts on Purple Snow. Due to the appearance of the word “Prince” under the guitar credit for “Got To Be Something Here,” this LP has been a curiosity among the Artist’s dearly beloved. But just as fascinating to us was the songwriting of New Power Generation bassist Sonny Thompson, to say nothing of the instrumental tribute to Morris Day’s family dog, “Mr. G.”

Purple Snow drops December 3rd. To help retrace the Minneapolis Sound’s baby steps, considering picking up The Lewis Connection on LP or MP3.

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There will be more ( LEWIS CONNECTION ) music coming your way in 2014 – ( I promise ) – you will experience the funk at the highest level – ( not to mention ) psychotic beats by – DRAC LEWIS – one of The unsung Kings of the Southern Underground Battle Rap Beats – the funkiest tracks on the planet will be witnessed by the public & everyone will be vulnerable to the movement that’s about to surface – the Arsenio Hall of funk is back on track to give the world what it’s been missing – so strap on your seat belts & neck braces will be provided as dress code because the funk is so dangerous nobody will be safe from the reincarnation from the angels with dirty faces –

Comment by Drac Lewis

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