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Return of the Twelve Days of Numero
November 26, 2013, 5:36 pm
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Starting Friday, Numero will be rolling out our Twelve Days of Numero sales. We use this as an opportunity to discount a few items within our ever sprawling catalog, as well as throw a few monkey wrenches to make the collectors sweat. This year we’re doing both.

78-SpreadEver seen that? Probably not. Why? Because it was commissioned for a large company’s 78th anniversary and was only available free to their employees. Several thousand were pressed, but for the most part, we’re betting these things are sitting on various cubicle shelves. It’ll be years before these employees move on and dump them at their local record shop, which means that you, dear Numero customer, have almost no shot of owning one. Until right now.

Late in the summer, our own trusty shipping manager Adam “Lucky” Luksetich turned up 200 extra copies while cleaning out our garage. Unable to sell them, we are going to give you, our loyal customers, one free copy every time you purchase a Twelve Days of Numero deal. You can purchase as many deals as you want and flip them for big money on eBay. We don’t care.

What’s on it? Side A is Otis Brown’s “Southside Chicago.” Side B has La Union’s “Chicago, Latino.” Here’s the kicker: It only plays at 78 RPM. If you don’t have a turntable that adjusts to this speed, you probably won’t be able to enjoy it. But as we know most of you buy records just to put on your shelves as monuments to 21st century excess, it probably doesn’t matter. Either way, there’s only 200 and we know they’re going to sell out. We’ll adjust the deals as soon as we sell out of the item, so don’t wait around for the perfect deal. It might not come or it might be too late.

You say you already own every Numero record in existence? Ever heard of giving the gift of Numero?


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You guys kick all ass.

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