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Baby I’m A Star: Purple Snow’s First Steps
December 4, 2013, 1:11 pm
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We’re going to keep this light. Yesterday’s rollout was wonderful, attending the Purple Snow release party in Chicago and fine tuning the approaching function in Minneapolis, scheduling press engagements, and packing hundreds of frosty boxes, destined for your doorstep, stoop, mailbox, and other postal receptacles that we’ve never even heard of. We’re so grateful to our fans, our friends, and all fellow music lovers for embracing Purple Snow, a project and an underrepresented community we’ve been very excited about for a long time. If you preordered this majestic box set, and it has yet to arrive, we sincerely apologize. The M.I.A. bonus 45 and the purple vinyl (for all you subscribers) have prevented the punctual export of your cherished orders. We hope the violet platters and gratis electro rap will ease your woes.

Of all the great press we’ve gotten (from the mighty majors to the local yokels) City Pages went above and beyond in running these stream-of-conscious manifestos spouted by Purple Snow curator Jon Kirby and Purple Snow honoree, Andre Cymone. We realize these pieces are a bit lengthy, but if you want to really understand both sides of the Purple Snow coin, this is required reading.

With Purple Snow being cultivated at the dawn of affordable camcorder and VCR technology, there was an abundance of video at our disposal, documenting this celebrated era in Minneapolis music. We dumped it all in the pot, and came up with this visual homage to the Minneapolis Sound. Enjoy!

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The Emancipation Show will be doing an abbreviated documentary from the UK on Saturday 7th December 2013 on at 17:00 (EST), celebrating Purple Snow and the valiant work of the Numero Group!

Comment by Nick Gray

I got my pre-order copy this week. Are the LP labels supposed to be completely unreadable? Or is it just my copy?

Comment by "Blind" Asa Batt

Some copies have been less readable than others. The gold ink baked into a mustard and was lost on the purple. We’ve corrected this on future pressings.

Comment by numerogroup

That could explain why I got two copies of LP 4 and no copy of LP 2! The person filling the jackets couldn’t read them…

Comment by Brad

Brad – Someone from customer service will be contacting you shortly to sort out your LP issues. Thanks.

Comment by numerogroup

Ha! Yeah, it’s almost as unreadable as the lyrics on the “Purple Rain” inner sleeve.

Comment by P. Rinse

Can’t find a comments post on your new website so thought i would use this

When are the 2014 subscription details going to be posted? My wife has been diligently buying me a sub for years as a xmas present and you’re leaving her in big trouble if nothing is posted on the website before the 25th

Comment by Sam Hussain

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