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A metric fuck ton of Nikki Sudden for one low price.
January 7, 2014, 12:32 pm
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With 36 of 48 states caught in the polar vortex, we briefly considered calling a sub-arctic snow day. After slipping on the ice and falling down 15 stairs, an idea popped out, not unlike Doc Brown’s flux capacitor of ’55. Except it has nothing to do with science. And instead of time travel it just involves spending money. Close enough.

Back in November of 2013, we made plans to issue four Nikki Sudden titles on vinyl. But between getting Purple Snow and the rest of our fall schedule pressed, Nikki LP’s arriving at our Marshall Blvd. office was anything but sudden. So we punted to the New Year, and they arrived two weeks later. Then the holidays. Now it’s January 6th and we’ve got a front room filled with post-punk masterpieces. But about that idea:

Near-on 12 years back, our sister label Secretly Canadian reissued 13 Nikki Sudden albums on compact disc. It seemed like the right move at the time; Napster had shuttered, Tower Records was still open, and the general public needed distractions from a needless war in Afghanistan. Talk of vinyl versions were put on ice four years later following Sudden’s death by heart attack at the age of 49. Several of the compact discs slid quietly out of print.

Now, through the magic of our JR imprint, the first four of a proposed seven Nikki Sudden LPs have finally made their way back to the mother format. All are packaged in glorious tip-on sleeves, with original inserts, labels, and deadwax scribblings intact.

JR.017 Nikki Sudden: Waiting On Egypt

JR.018 Nikki Sudden Bible Belt

JR.019 Jacobites: S/T

JR.020 Jacobites: Robespierre’s Velvet Basement

To commemorate this occasion, Secretly Canadian and Numero have teamed up to offer an incredible deal: Buy all four LPs and we’ll throw in compact disc editions of Texas, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Groove, Crown Of Thorns, The Ragged School, and The Truth Doesn’t Matter, all for only $65 (plus freight). Our accountant informed us that this deal comes out to mere $5.90 per record and then asked, “Do you guys even like money?”

So, while you’re trapped inside today watching a Life After People marathon, consider our own Adam Luksetich, who would love to do nothing more than figure out how to package a bunch of LPs and CDs in a box without using all of our packing peanuts. Perhaps we should push him down the stairs and see if any ideas surface?

Don’t forget: We offer free downloads with purchase of any LP from our website upon check out.


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Awesome! Do subscribers get this deal?

Comment by Scott

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