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Alfonso Lovo Customized Guitar Hits eBay
January 8, 2014, 4:31 pm
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More psychedelic treats from Alfonso Lovo. Those of you wise enough to pick up the Nicaraguan composer’s psych-jazz odyssey La Gigantona know of the raw creativity embedded in this luminescent individual. Of all the google alerts we get, those related to “Alfonso Lovo La Gigantona” are often the most interesting. Today we learned that Alfonso Lovo was selling a customized Stratocaster with decoupage and back story. An excerpt from the product description:

“I had it refurbished by an expert guitar artisan in Masaya , Nicaragua, and had it hand painted by a great Monimbo Indian Tribe paintor. It features a pink La Gigantona that won the dancing contest in Leon, Nicaragua, and the Enano Cabezon. painted in oil. I received it back for Christmas 2013, signed it and I hand wrote serial 001, since it is my first customized Lovo Guitar Shop, in Nicaragua. It it a real collectors item.”

Should you be the winning bidder, hopefully you will be able to harness the beauty of La Gigantona and the craftiness of Anano Cabezon in recreate the blazing guitar solos captured on La Gigantona. Is this thing available for pick up? Perhaps the winner bidder can negotiate a parking-lot guitar tutorial if the numbers add up. How sick would that be? Crazier things have happened. Just ask Alfonso.  

Happy Bidding Lil’ Gigantonas!


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Thanks Numero Group, you’re always on top of the La Gigantona happenings… Is one of the old guitars I have, but I decided to share the Nicaraguan Native Art, with guitar addicts like me, to commemorate the albums success and make La Gigantona’s music, sing and dance worldwide.

Comment by Poncho Wolf

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